Patrick Lake at Tiki Vanz

Patrick Lake in Orlando

Patrick Lake plays at Tony Roma’s Steakhouse in Orlando on Saturdays from 7-10 and is also the Worship Director at Grace Church in Winter Garden, FL.  He’s been playing guitar for 9 years, but you’d think he’s been jamming for much longer.

We were excited to have Patrick perform at our May 2015 Brewskies gathering in Orlando, a gathering that celebrates all things craft.  He played a wide range of music from Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash, Donavon Frankenreiter, and much more.  To all of our surprise, Patrick was joined on stage by longtime Windermere resident musicians (and father and son) Fred Burky (fiddle) and his son Brett Burky (back up guitar).

At the end of the night I noticed I hadn’t seen him take a break.  I asked him why, he just looked at me, smiled and said, “I was having too much fun”

 Thanks for a great night!

Matt Costa: Behind the Moon

Discovering Matt Costa

I discovered Matt Costa in 2008 when I was working in the entertainment industry in Detroit, MI.  My friends at record companies would ship me promo CD’s for my writers to listen and review and Matt’s Album “Unfamiliar Faces” came in.  I fell in love with his sound and have continued to listen to him since.  Matt’s music is often found in my playlists with Donavon Frankenreiter, Wheeland Brothers, Ballyhoo!, Walk Off the Earth and Jack Johnson.  After moving to FL in 2010, his music is played even more as I sit outside at my tiki bar or when I’m driving down the road with the top down and the doors off my Jeep.  

Matt Costa on Sonny’s Porch

This video was performed at a local company here in FL, Sun Bum, that I wish I could have attended (since it was only an hour away).  Unfortunately something pretty important was happening that day and left me unable to go.  Sun Bum hosts events called “Sonny’s Porch” where traveling bands looking to get off the road can ride some waves, eat some food, shoot some pool, or just crash for a few hours. And of course if they feel like playing some music on their back porch… they’re stoked

About Matt Costa

Matt Costa taught himself to play guitar at age 12 by strumming along to Nirvana records—the musical evolution evinced on him came from some careful studying of orchestral approaches to composing songs.  Costa’s Southern California roots have long played a key role in guiding his musical career. A former skateboarder once on the verge of going pro, Costa suffered a broken leg at age 19 and shifted his attention to music.

For more music by Matt Costa on Sonny’s Porch click here


“Minolta” by Erin Rae

Recorded by our friends at RF Nashville – Erin Rae, who is a folk singer-songwriter out of TN,
performs “Minolta” in her Kitchen near Greenwood.  Erin is the vocalist and guitarist for Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles.




Links to Erin Rae: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

A Wino and Brewer Discuss Each Other’s Craft

William Shatner, host of Brown Bag Wine Tasting discusses Craft Beer with Sean Durham, an On-Premise Sales Representative at Stone Brewing Co. Shatner asks him to describe Craft Beer and invites him to review a wine using the terminology he would use in the beer world.


Pedal-Powered Beer

Aaron Grose and Shawn Grose of Windmill Pointe Brewing Company introduce to you, Pedal-Powered Beer.

Pedal-Powered Beer is their community driven effort to create unique beer styles – sustain-ably. It encompasses the relationship between the patrons and Windmill Pointe Brewing Company to become an environmentally conscious brewery.

Here’s How It Works:

They generate their own electricity via “Pedal-Power” – the cornerstone of their electric brew house. Their stationary bikes produce pedal-power which is collected, stored and recorded. The number of kilowatts they produce from in-house “Pedal-Power” is subtracted from the total number of kilowatts used in each brew session “Beer”. The bottomline: produce more energy through pedal-power than consumed by the production of our beer.

Windmill Pointe Brewing Company is in pursuit of brewing distinctive beers in way that will make us feel a little better and smile a little longer.

What do you think of Pedal-Power Beer?  Would you pedal for a brewskie?

“Nobody Gets Out Clean” by Nick Flora

The rf sessions bring you live performances of artists recorded by RF Nashville, a recording studio in East Nashville.


rf nashville is a place to write songs, record sounds, and mix music. It’s a studio that was put together to make artists comfortable while maintaining excellence. They have a great collection of new and vintage gear to inspire and create a memorable record. However, they know that gear isn’t everything – in fact it can be distracting. At its best music is personal and it’s relational. Because of that they value and nurture the community of artists, writers and musicians in their circle. The people are the greatest thing about rf nashville.

If you are looking for a place to dream up and write your next work let them know. If you need to find the right players and track your next record drop them a line. If you need a place to mix the project that you put your heart into, send them message. You know what…just click here


Watch How a Ceramic Growler is Made


The art of making a growler is pretty darn cool and Portland Growler Company has put together a video showcasing the process in how they make their beautiful ceramic growlers.


Portland Growler Company began in the summer of 2010 as a collective of designers and ceramicists that came together to introduce hearty, handmade ceramic beer growlers in a city (Portland) known for its microbreweries. These jugs are slip cast using a high-temperature stoneware ceramic and fired to an awesomely extreme temperature of 2232 F. Each growler is personally stamped by the maker and sent on it’s way to happily keep your IPA fresh and cool.

They offer a myriad of mix and match options with three different handle styles and four texturally unique glazes. Each growler is slightly different and they love the complexity, character, and uniqueness of every growler that reaches your ice box. They can’t help but love to create and break the barriers of conventional growler design while giving you the truest handmade creation for the storage of your favorite brews.

You can shop online for these growlers and their accessories by clicking here

Craft Beer Jelly for Your Sandwich


Vermont based company, Potlicker, is serving up Craft Beer Jelly that uses local brews like stouts, IPA’s, etc instead of juices.  They also offer a coffee jelly along with other various flavors.

You can order your own jelly by clicking here


The Potlicker Story

Potlicker Kitchen specializes in Vermont beer and wine jellies and small-batch artisan jams.  In 2009, founders, Nancy and Walter Warner, left their rewarding and ever interesting careers in archaeology to relocate to Vermont so Walter could attend the Vermont Law School. While Walter honed in on cultural resource law, Nancy (already food-centric and an avid forager) began to focus on the local bounty and found great inspiration in Vermont’s food and beer culture.

The first batch of strawberry chipotle jam was made with 10lbs of berries harvested at the Thetford Strawberry Festival. This was quickly followed by other unconventional flavors such as homegrown blackberry basil jelly & wild sumac jelly.  Hooked on canning, Nancy had a cupboard of jam and Walter pushed her to the farmers market…. possibly with the hopes of paying off law school loans.

One winter when fresh fruit was out of stock Nancy began turning all ordinary things (like coffee or wine) into jelly. After making wine jelly, the craft beer lover was determined to create a jelly that tasted like beer. The first beer jellies were cooked up late winter 2011 and quickly the most popular was beer jelly was made with local homebrew. Potlicker Beer Jelly began to gain ground and the homebrew crew couldn’t be asked to keep up with demand. Local Vermont craft beer is now sourced from no less than 6 Vermont craft breweries.


One More Beer by Pedro Conti

One More Beer is an independent short movie developed by Brazilian 3D artist Pedro Conti. The work was done in partnership with Alan Camilo (co-direction, storyline, animation and rigging), Alex Angelis (rigging), Lucas Leibholz (illustration), Pedro Pastoriz and Jack Rubens, members of the band “Os mustaches e os Apaches “(soundtrack), Antonio Moreno (Voice) and with renowned studio Beep Audio Post (sound design and mixing).

“Motion Animal” by Crash

Current member of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and former lead singer of The Deadly Syndrome, crash blends americana, folk, and soul with the New Orleans music he grew up on to craft his original country-fried sound

Directed, Produced, Edited by Nicole McDonald & Grant James

David McFarland

Live Recording
Yohei Shikano – Producer, Mixer
Masahiro Tsuzuki – Co-Producer, Engineer
Miles Senzaki – Mastering

Band Members
Josh Collazo – Drums
Seth Ford-Young – Bass
Mark Noseworthy – Guitar, Vocals
Ben Cassorla – Organ, Vocals
Stewart Cole – Trumpet, Vocals
Robby Marshall – Sax, Vocals