“Minolta” by Erin Rae

Recorded by our friends at RF Nashville – Erin Rae, who is a folk singer-songwriter out of TN,
performs “Minolta” in her Kitchen near Greenwood.  Erin is the vocalist and guitarist for Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles.




Links to Erin Rae: Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

One More Beer by Pedro Conti

One More Beer is an independent short movie developed by Brazilian 3D artist Pedro Conti. The work was done in partnership with Alan Camilo (co-direction, storyline, animation and rigging), Alex Angelis (rigging), Lucas Leibholz (illustration), Pedro Pastoriz and Jack Rubens, members of the band “Os mustaches e os Apaches “(soundtrack), Antonio Moreno (Voice) and with renowned studio Beep Audio Post (sound design and mixing).

“Motion Animal” by Crash

Current member of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and former lead singer of The Deadly Syndrome, crash blends americana, folk, and soul with the New Orleans music he grew up on to craft his original country-fried sound

Directed, Produced, Edited by Nicole McDonald & Grant James

David McFarland

Live Recording
Yohei Shikano – Producer, Mixer
Masahiro Tsuzuki – Co-Producer, Engineer
Miles Senzaki – Mastering

Band Members
Josh Collazo – Drums
Seth Ford-Young – Bass
Mark Noseworthy – Guitar, Vocals
Ben Cassorla – Organ, Vocals
Stewart Cole – Trumpet, Vocals
Robby Marshall – Sax, Vocals

Topless Cans


A can that goes topless, also known as the “The 360 lid” or 360 End™, was developed by Crown Holdings, Inc for the World Cup 12 years ago (in Africa) to eliminate waste at stadiums and to cut down on beer lines where people were stuck waiting for beer to be poured. A couple of breweries in the states have used them, most notably, Slyfox, who supplies craft beer in cans are supplied to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Pictured below is a 360 lid on the 2014 Oktoberfest cans next to a traditional can.  Photos are provided by David Youngman who is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Rochester Mills Production Brewery & Beer Co.  Their brewery appears to be the first to debut the cans in Michigan and their hopes will be to have the cans available in certain locations, including Ford Field. 

have you tried one of the topless cans?  Let us know what you think!



65 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

It’s Friday today and some of you are going to find yourself with a delicious non twist bottle of beer that can’t be opened because you’re somewhere your opener isn’t.

No worries, because in this short film made by Adam Young (of Old Crow Custom Works) and Chris Sumers the two give you 65 ways to solve the beer opener problem.

The concept for this video installation was from Adam, and the video was put together by Chris.  They originally had 4 different edits looping at the show in his installation, but this edit is a compilation of Chris’ favorite clips from the three day shoot.

Bottle Cap Blues from chris sumers on Vimeo.

Story of Local Portland Musician, Ural Thomas

“It’s just a blessing to still be here.  I’ve had some pretty rough turns, like everybody has, or will have.  If you live long enough, you will have them.  And every one of them is wonderful, even the bad and rough turns.  They’re some of the most wonderful experiences, if you don’t let them take you down” - Ural Thomas

Directed by Matthew Gamlen Audio by Jeff Hylton Simmons Produced by Hannah Gregg Camera by Rodrigo Melgarejo and Hannah Gregg Words by Matt Stangel Photos by Hannah Gregg and Rodrigo Melgarejo

Film by intothewoods.tv

Glass Artist, Stephen Bradbourne

Stephen Bradbourne was trained by pioneering NZ glass artist Garry Nash in the ’90s and worked in Nash’s studio for over a decade, learning all aspects of the glass-blower’s craft Stephen became fascinated with the colourful Italian “Murrine” technique  and has been blowing his own designs since 2005.

(More on Stephen)

Born in Auckland in 1969, Stephen Bradbourne grew up in West Auckland and attended Carrington Polytech between 1988 and 1991, graduating with a Diploma in Craft Design(major in ceramics). He immediately received critical recognition for his ceramic work and was awarded a Judges Commendation at the internationally acclaimed Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Awards in 1993.

In 1992 Stephen was offered a job at Sunbeam Glassworks were he quickly found an

affinity for glassblowing, soon becoming an efficient and highly skilled production blower. Over the next decade he maintained dual careers in both ceramics and hot glass, successfully exhibiting works in both medium.

In 2005 Stephen left his position at Sunbeam Glassworks to focus fully on his own

designs, specializing in intricate traditional Italian glass techniques which include Murrine, Mosaic and Twisted Cane styles.

Stephen is now regarded as one of New Zealand’s most multi-talented and original glass artists. He has been the recipient of many awards winning both the Cavalier Bremworth Luminous Glass Award and the Molly Morpeth Canaday Glass Award in 2007.

Stephen continues to exhibit widely in both solo and group shows and his work is included in many public and private collections both in New Zealand and Internationally.

Video by Augusto for Mac’s Beer

Dave Berry Crafted Guitars

Dave Berry is a respected guitar builder and repairman who lives and works in New Zealand.  In the 1990′s he ran Kiwi Music Co and later opened Valve Bar, a small rock venue.  His ground breaking work in crafting instruments is best known for his use of sustainable materials.  His signature Model 1 is made of a Bamboo body.  

The following video was shot and produced by Augusto for Mac’s Craft Collective (Mac’s Beer), who, like us, enjoy craft.

Tasting Craft Beer for the First Time in Slow Motion

This video pretty much captures the emotion of watching your friends faces when you finally convinced them to take the leap and drink a better beer.  Of course you have to run them through all the beers before you find one that fits their palate.

In the beginning of the video the text translates to –  “We summon people from different age and sex who had not ever tried craft beer”  

This video was produced by CerveTV and Oh My Beer